Monday, 7 May 2012

Bottle Bag

I had bought a bottle bag that looked like a suit and decided it was too nice for a bottle. I sliced it open to put it on a card...namely one I was making for my sons 18th. I had cut it in half so that I could stick it to the card and use it as a pouch. I then put the back of the bag on the back of the card, lined up with the bit on the front. I made a special envelope style thing so that money or a gift voucher could be put into it and then slipped into the pouch. Turned out quite good and I was rather impressed with myself. Here are the pics.(apologise for the blurr......I had broke my wrist and had pins and stuff sticking out of it at the time....Im right handed and that was the wrist I broke so it was a bit tricky to make and had problems holding the camera still too)

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  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog for the hop & your lovely comments. I'm still finding my feet with the inking. I've found make-up sponges work best for me...also the cheap way lol!
    Love your use for the bottle tag what a great idea.
    Hugs x