Monday, 14 March 2016

Glitter Wine Glasses

Last year (2015) I was trying to come up with different ideas for things to sell at the Christmas Fayres. I decided to try out Glitter Glasses.....I do not like glitter at the best of times. There was a trail of Glitter from my Craft Room to the Toilet and also to my was everywhere......even after a shower I was still finding it on my hands or face. lol. Here are some I made along with the boxes to hold them....I also made some wine glass charms for the glasses.

Red glass with matching box that has a viewing section.

2 Wine Glass charms to match the glass. 

White Wine Glass Charms. 

White Wine Glass with charms 

PURPLE - this is mine.

A selection of glasses I had made and the wine glass charms

Some of the Wine Glasses colours I made.

Beaded Wire Trees

Over the years I have attempted different things. One of these were wire trees. I started off with scattered branches and eventually settled into a more 'Weeping Willow' kind of tree I seem to be stuck making that design. Here are some I have made.

This is one of the first trees I made. This particular one was for my younger sister who likes purple just as much as me.

This has a sad tale behind it. Our puppy, Leia, died at 17 weeks old just before Christmas and none of us wanted to put decorations up....I did this for that reason.

This tree I added flowers at the end. It didnt really turn out how Id hope but its nice just the same. 

This one is more the willow tree style because on the branches there are names. I gave this one to my mum and it has her 3 children and 4 grandchildrens names on it .
Wedding Wire Tree
The Wedding Tree was a design I came up with as my cousin was getting married and I was lost for ideas for a present. Its made with glass Crystals and Glass Angels. It looked amazing and when the sun hit it the room sparkled with colour. 

This is a tree for a Golden Anniversary....hence the gold beads and gold angels. I made the box for it to go into as well.

A Blue Tree to celebrate the birth of a baby boy. Lots of charms on it that related to babys and some of the branches had 'Baby Boy' written on them.

The Baby Girl Tree......basically the same as the Baby Boy Tree but in pink and saying Baby Girl on the branches.

Some Christmas Trees I made. The idea behind them was for a table centre piece for the Christmas meal.

Ooops.....I did it again.

Im really not that good at blogging. lol. If I hadnt got a message to say someone had commented on a previous blog Id never have popped back on here.
Anyway, I saw that I havent posted anything for over a year so Im going to add a few pictures of things Ive been making over the years that I havent posted on here.

Santa Keys

I made the label with felt. I cut out the hole and put the verse in and then sewed it all up adding the ribbon at one end to tie the key onto.
The verse reads ;-
Santa, this is a magical key
We're leaving it out for you to see
Tonight it will open any door
You won't need chimneys anymore
Snowman Poop and Reindeer Poop.
Santa Bags.
Contents of Santa Bags

Set up at the Kidzeco (Bathgate) Fayre 2015

Monday, 1 June 2015

Time Lapse?

I cant believe I have not blogged since Sept 2013 and its now June 2015. LOL......Well, what have I been doing? Christmas Fayres - 

These were from Christmas 2012 at a school in East Lothian.........

The same school for Christmas 2013............

And 2014......

I also did a local Fayre for a charity called Kidzeco in Livingston and Bathgate......

I also did one other Fayre that was a bit of a flop but I did make my table money back........

As you can display technique is getting better....My white tree that displays all my hanging decorations was a big hit. I also made some wire trees....these were more like Christmas trees that could be used as centre pieces. I kept my prices down as much as I could and used what Christmas cards were left to send to my family and friends.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Christmas Cards

Well, today I have been busy. Christmas Card making. I bought a kit via Crafters Companion and was really impressed with much so that I went back on the site to order some more and it was sold out. Just my luck. LOL. Here are some of my makes.
Some of these are made using the NOEL papers from Do-Crafts.

These were made using the kit. Mostly 7x5" with some 12.5cm squares and an 8"x8" Card.

Mostly the kit with one sneaky Noel paper.

And a few more cards.....wont post any more as that will just bore us all. :)

Jewellery makes

I dont often post in this blog so you will get a load of pics at we go again.

This is a chainmaille style. Took a bit to get into the swing of it but once I got it there was no stopping.

This one has been entered in the September Challenge by The Crafty Beggar.

Aztec style. Clear and frosted black beads.

A hematite fan with black and white pearls.

A long necklace. Purple berries with a clear heart.

Necklace and bracelet I made for my MIL.
Aztec style with purple rondelles.

Altered Art.

Well, I paid a visit to a friend who taught me a bit about altered art. We took a small wooden box and made it look pretty. Not just plain pretty but different pretty. My idea was to decorate some wooden boxes and then put a piece of jewellery in them to give as presents for Christmas. This is the result of my crafting.