Sunday, 1 July 2012

Elegant Ladies

I was never a fan of CD roms although I had bought a few. These are Elegant Ladies 2 and are produced by Fee J Designs or Jammi Pandas as they are now know. Fiona Ferguson was on Create and Craft one day and I fell in love with her designs so bought some...never used them till now. Im not a lover of cutting things out but decided to try as some crafters were doing amazing things with the graphics. Im now nearly hooked. Nearly, because Im still not liking the cutting out. Im hoping to solve this problem soon with a new purchase so am saving hard for it. The lady in the pink/crimson was my first attempt.....I didnt deco the flowers as there was quite a bit of fidgety cutting. The blue one however, I did add a bit more to is and was quite impressed with the outcome. Once the printer has new ink there will be no stopping me. :o)

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  1. These are stunning! I am a new follower and wish you lots of luck in blog land.

    Linda xxx