Monday, 14 March 2016

Beaded Wire Trees

Over the years I have attempted different things. One of these were wire trees. I started off with scattered branches and eventually settled into a more 'Weeping Willow' kind of tree I seem to be stuck making that design. Here are some I have made.

This is one of the first trees I made. This particular one was for my younger sister who likes purple just as much as me.

This has a sad tale behind it. Our puppy, Leia, died at 17 weeks old just before Christmas and none of us wanted to put decorations up....I did this for that reason.

This tree I added flowers at the end. It didnt really turn out how Id hope but its nice just the same. 

This one is more the willow tree style because on the branches there are names. I gave this one to my mum and it has her 3 children and 4 grandchildrens names on it .
Wedding Wire Tree
The Wedding Tree was a design I came up with as my cousin was getting married and I was lost for ideas for a present. Its made with glass Crystals and Glass Angels. It looked amazing and when the sun hit it the room sparkled with colour. 

This is a tree for a Golden Anniversary....hence the gold beads and gold angels. I made the box for it to go into as well.

A Blue Tree to celebrate the birth of a baby boy. Lots of charms on it that related to babys and some of the branches had 'Baby Boy' written on them.

The Baby Girl Tree......basically the same as the Baby Boy Tree but in pink and saying Baby Girl on the branches.

Some Christmas Trees I made. The idea behind them was for a table centre piece for the Christmas meal.

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