Monday, 14 March 2016

Ooops.....I did it again.

Im really not that good at blogging. lol. If I hadnt got a message to say someone had commented on a previous blog Id never have popped back on here.
Anyway, I saw that I havent posted anything for over a year so Im going to add a few pictures of things Ive been making over the years that I havent posted on here.

Santa Keys

I made the label with felt. I cut out the hole and put the verse in and then sewed it all up adding the ribbon at one end to tie the key onto.
The verse reads ;-
Santa, this is a magical key
We're leaving it out for you to see
Tonight it will open any door
You won't need chimneys anymore
Snowman Poop and Reindeer Poop.
Santa Bags.
Contents of Santa Bags

Set up at the Kidzeco (Bathgate) Fayre 2015

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